[Solo-Thread] Of Slime Kings and Family

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[Solo-Thread] Of Slime Kings and Family

Post by CorenKeitaro on Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:16 pm

A full week has passed since the first time I entered an ID with enemies; the Slime Plains.
After I got my 15 Stat Points for leveling up three times, I put ten of them in INT, and the other 5 in WIS.
It had been a long time since I got any school-work done-done. I usually just half-assed it, doing maybe a question every few days. If I wasn't homeschooled, I doubt I'd still even be allowed at school.
But now, by upping my 16 Base INT to 26, my Effective INT climbed from the barbaric 8 to a nice and not-intellectually-crippled 13.
It isn't up to the same standard as I did when P.O.T.S. did its 'once in a blue moon' disappearing act, but this was reliable. No more waiting, and a whole lot more 'doing'.
On the first day of seven, I finished three of my weekly tests (which I'd been working on for a month) in an hour and took an early leave.
I hadn't gotten another bonus to my STR from my daily workout, but I did increase pistols-per-leg up from 10 to 15, and one-arm pushups from 15 to 20 per arm.
I spent an hour practicing my old gymnastics routine outside; cartwheels, round-offs, back and front flips; I even did my first pike since I quit. It was the easier back-pike, admittedly, but it's something. I managed to level up in Gymnastics Mastery near the end, right when I did the pike.
After that, I brought my mom's laptop outside and practiced some basic martial arts techniques, mainly focusing on Judo and Jujitsu. Martial Arts Mastery hit LVL9.
The rest of the day was spent hunting Slimes, but seeing as I was six levels higher than the Blue Slimes, they didn't give as much experience. I gave up on them after ten minutes and 3 Vials of Blue Slime.
At that point, I opened the next level of Slime Plains; Slime Plains (Red). With LVL4 Red Slimes, I was sure to level up more. Plus, using Observe on the Vials of Blue Slime said that they were good for crafting and that mixing various colored Slime could get you some 'interesting concoctions'.
After an hour, I stopped hunting for the day and pocketed 7 Vials of Red Slime. I did, after all, have cookies to make.

On the second day of seven, I got another point of STR thanks to upping my training and, more importantly, my weights. As such, I asked my parents for heavier weights to replace the ones I was wearing. They were interested in why I was suddenly taking up working out again, and my mom was a bit concerned for my body, but she of all people knows what Ehlers-Danlos is like. After all, E.D.S. is hereditary, after all.
I spent some more time grinding on the Red Slimes, but I only hit LVL9 despite two hours of grinding; a total of three hours for two levels, despite getting three levels in two hours when I first hit the Slime Plains.
This annoyed me, so I started grinding my ID Create more and more while doing random things.
The cookies were good, though. Oatmeal raisin; healthy and good for a body that needs more than most.
My Physical Endurance Skill even went up when my shoulder sublaxated; I'd been trying to perform a front-flip and swung my arms up, only to hear a click in my shoulder as it slid a bit out of place. I landed on my back instead of my neck, but my back was sore for the rest of the day and had to lessen my training for a few days.

The third day of seven was uneventful, with a few Skills leveling up, but the Fourth is where it hit the fan.
Seeing as my back was still sore, I decided to head back to the lower-leveled Blue Slimes, who I was now a full 9 levels higher than.
I spent an hour in there when the plains began to shake.
"What the...?"
It wasn't like an earthquake, with constant trembling; it was a rhythmic crashing, accompanied by the wettest *SPLRCH* sound you never needed to hear.
When the sun stopped shining down on me, I didn't look up.
I looked down, saw the shadow moving a bit ahead of me and getting bigger, and I sprinted backwards, screaming out what was a cross between a martial-artists' 'Kiya' and the sound of an 8-year-old who just found a spider on her toothbrush.
A quick roll and tumble got me out of the way as a three-story Blue Slime crashed into the ground not even a meter behind me; I rolled on my side for a few feet before jumping up and shouting "Observe!"

Blue Slime King LVL17
HP: 6800, MP: 500
Brought together by a primordial fear, the Blue Slime King is
the combined bodies of tens of Blue Slimes. The Crown atop
its head is imbued with their collective energy, allowing them
to stay together despite the force of gravity. This beast only
is formed when Blue Slimes are subjected to great fear from
mass hunting.
It is strong against physical attacks and is very heavy, but
other than jumping, its incredibly slow. It also has no magic

"L-Level 17!?"
I thought for a moment, that I could fight this horrifying jelly-like behemoth. Then I remembered all those times I tried to fight enemies without leveling in Dark Souls... And how I don't think I have any extra lives.
Raising my hand above my head, I shamelessly cried out "ID ESCAPE!"
"You can not escape the Dungeon at this time."
"...Ah, shit."
I looked up at the Slime King which, horrifyingly enough, seemed to stare back at me. I looked closely at it and could see the tens of Slimes that made up the creature.
The... The Slimes that l-looked... Like...
"T-Tiny holes..."
Pictures of lotus seed pods shot through my mind, triggering some knee-jerk reaction.
I raised my hand, my eyes wide and began gathering power.
"Prana Stream Active"
I forced out as much energy as I could from my hand at once, feeling my MP drain.
And drain.
And drain.
Fear fueled my attack as the orb of prana in my hand grew.
And then, it jumped.
I couldn't see it for a moment, and the fear let up a bit.
Trypophobia; the fear of irregularly assorted holes. I can't stand staring at the insides of beehives, ant hills, and most of all... Lotus seed pods.
I thought about the prana pouring out of my hand, and remembered something.
"If it worked for an idiot ninja, it'll work for me...!"
I closed my eyes tightly and forced the prana coming out of my body to spin the titanic orb.
Spin, and shape.
The orb started to look like thousands of threads being spun faster and faster, and the threads the came off of the orb formed a shape.
I opened my eyes, and I was in the shadow.
I aimed up, and then I fired.
At first, it was a sound not unlike that of using a powerful blender to cut through thick sludge filled with small rocks and ice cubes. After a moment, it changed, sounding more like it was just trying to cut through some viscous fluid that was obviously never meant to enter a blender.
After a few more seconds, there was silence, and the majority of the field, save a three-meter radius around myself, had been completely painted blue. It only lasted a few moments as the Blue King Slime's ooey-gooey entrails disappeared into motes of light.
I ignored the prompt that told me I leveled up three times, and the one that said I made a new skill, and the one that said I got three levels in Prana Bolt.
Instead, I focused on my breathing, and on my heart-rate.
I was pushing 190.
My breathing was ragged and labored, and I felt vaguely nauseous.
I hate those... THINGS.
They're like holes in my consciousness, and when they are filled improperly, like writhing maggots crawling out of newly-formed holes in diseased flesh; and the twisting of the Slimes inside; that damn TWISTING.
My arms, my legs; everything was numb.
My heart-rate was too high; it was pumping too hard, too fast, and my body wasn't ready for it.
I lost control of my legs, but I wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't then hit the ground.
I laid there for a few minutes, contemplating vomiting to get rid of the feeling of sickness in my guts.
I was laying there for ten full minutes before I managed to drag myself up into a sitting position.
My heart was sitting at 130 now, but I was still feeling too panicked to slow it down any further.
An unreasonable fear; I had no reason to panic, no reason to be afraid. I could've dodged, could've just run and whittled away at him with Prana Bolt.
I smacked my thigh with a fist, but I barely felt it; my limbs needed another minute to get back to normal.
I was out of MP, my heart-rate hit never-before-reached highs, I panicked and nearly got myself killed out of blind terror, which had subsequentially become blind rage over the course of a few seconds.
"D-Deep... Br... Breaths..."
My voice was still shaking.
...Talk about pathetic.
After another few minutes, I could finally stand up again; the headache was worse than ever when I did, and I nearly fainted when everything went black, but I shut my eyes tightly and focused on staying up.
It passed.
Breathing deeply, I slowly looked for the Boss-Mob's loot.
It didn't take long to spot it, but walking over to it was slow and would be more accurately called 'hobbling'.
When I got to it, I muttered observe while looking at the things.
The first was a couple of red elixir-esque potions.

Lowest Grade Recovery Potion - Rank: Normal
A recovery potion. A lower-middle grade potion.
Instantly restores 200 HP and tastes like strawberries.

The next was... A stack of money?
I picked it up and tried to leaf through it, but my fingers were still too numb.
I slid it into there and pulled open my character sheet.
I got $300 from it?
I looked down at the last two drops.
A blue ring and a golden crown.
"Observe, Observe."

Slime King Crown - Rank: Legendary
The crown of a powerful Slime King that allows you to create and control a number of Slimes equal to your level. The level of the Slimes is equal to your own divided by the number of Slimes you've created.
Note: A Summoned Slime does not count towards your maximum Familiar count. A Slime's size is determined by their level.
Cost: Maintaining Slimes takes MP equal to your LVLx10 every post.
Active Skill: "Finally, a Tentacle Monster of my Own!"

Blue Slime Ring - Rank: Rare
A ring that was held in the stomach of the Blue Slime King. Decreases HP by 25% when worn, but increases all EXP gains by 10%.
Note: It feels really, really slimy and sticky. Do you really want to put this on your finger?
Passive Skill: "I'm Bleeding EXP! Oh Wait, I'm Just Bleeding."

For a single moment, I couldn't help but wonder if I really had sweatdropped when I read the Skill names.
Then I grabbed them both and slid them in my Inventory.
At the very least, my confusion at The Game's bad jokes helped calm me down. My hands are still numb, but I can move with more control.
However, as I raised my hand to break the Illusion Barrier, I froze.
The Blue Slime King.
There are also Red Slimes.
Killing enough normal mobs spawns a Boss Mob.
I slapped myself across the face as I thought that.
"Down that path lies madness. Unceasing, ever-churning, heart-bursting, eye-burning madness."
With that, I raised my hand back into the air and yelled "ID Escape!" and with the shattering of glass, I went back home, for once forgetting to recite my usual chant while walking.

The next day, the fifth, was rather unremarkable. I made sure to put on the Ring, but only when I was grinding. The Hat also let me summon a bunch of Slimes who could fight with me. I summoned four, them all being around LVL3, and hunted some more Blue Slimes.
It wasn't even fifteen minutes when I felt it again.
"It's time. Full-on immersion therapy. Either I get over my trypophobia, or I die trying."
I burned all of my remaining MP on my newest Skill; I thought of naming it 'The Yo-Yo Blender', but that felt too... Accurate.
I turned to look at the titanic King Slime as it soared through the air towards me.
The area was immediately covered in a viscous blue slime, and I was out of MP.
“...Damnit; I panicked.”
Sighing, I hefted my staff.
“Hunting time.”
I doffed my Crown and placed it into my Inventory as I walked forward and started smacking Blue Slimes around until I was satisfied.
Interestingly enough, it takes 30 minutes to regenerate all of my MP, and when hunting without any Slimes, it takes me just a little over 30 minutes to spawn a King Slime.
I know this because I spent the next three hours in there.
I have quite a few potions now.

The sixth day was pretty much more of the same, with me hunting, and hunting, and hunting, and hunting, and hunting. Only this time, the hunting wasn’t for Blue Slimes. I was walking the Red Slime Plain again.
Of course, at that point I was LVL17. Grinding the Slime Kings with an easy way to instantly kill them using their own momentum to grind themselves into paste with a prana meat grinder really helped out. Plus I had a bunch of copies of the crowns, the rings, a bunch of healing potions, and had more than $2000 in my Inventory.
Plus, I got a Skill Book, which was probably the best part about the whole thing.
It was a Summoning Skill Book, which would allow me to summon a Slime as a Familiar; it was like what the Crown could do, only it was a proper Skill instead of an equipable; equipped Skills can’t level up, but this can, so at max Level it’ll cost less.
Theoretically, anyway. I’ve kept the book in my Inventory, as it has a certain requirement.
Elemental Affinity: Slime = 10 or higher.
I didn’t know that Slime was an Element, but... Well, the more you know.
Whatever the case, though, I was hunting solo in the depths of the Red Slime Plains, which weren’t really the depths at all.
With my Skills upped and prepped, I was ready.
The slimes, thirteen levels my junior now, were getting stomped constantly. I walked around and poked them once or twice and they died; I thought about using one Slime as a golf ball and swinging to get some others, but that wasn’t efficient.
I was the same Level as the Blue Slime King when the Red Slime King attacked.
First, there was a light shaking.
I immediately stopped swinging.
I looked up to the sky, and saw...
...A tiny red speck?
I started sprinting in the direction it looked like it was coming from; if it’s moving towards me, that means if I run towards it, then the chances of me being crushed are lessened.
I did also run a bit to the side. Just in case.
Sure enough, my running start gave me enough of a distance that I could safely charge up.
I channeled every point of my MP into my hand, focusing intently as I felt the adrenaline start to pump.
Just like always, I could feel a burst of extra MP fill me as I was hit with the Adrenaline Rush status effect.
And then, as it was nearing the ground, I fired right at it, and ran away some more.
I was promptly covered in Red Slime viscera, which tasted like cherries, and nearly slipped a few times before turning around.

Red Slime King – Level 26
HP 11220 (1290), MP 500
A titanic Slime King created from the unrelenting anger
of whole scores of Red Slimes, raging at the mass
slaughter of their brothers. This monstrous beast is
formed only when Red Slimes are being hunter en
It is strong against physical attacks and is very heavy, but
it can be deceptively fast. Watch out for its tendrils!

"...Ah, sunuva-"
I rolled to the side, feeling the boost from Gymnastics Mastery as I tucked and did a side-roll.
Sure enough, right where I'd been standing was now a crater, and slimy tentacles were pulling away from the slimy red monster.
Of course, the thickness of the Red Slimes kept me from seeing inside of it, so I wasn't panicking at least.
I was still out of prana, though.
"This is NOT GOOD!"
I ran forward, sprinting right at the titanic beast as I hefted my staff.
My first attack dealt nearly 10000 damage to it. That was a little terrifying.
Considering that it burned the entirety of my MP at LVL17, though, I'm a little more terrified.
I closed the distance quickly, focusing on quick side-to-side movements and milking Gymnastics Mastery for every point chance to apply its effects as I could.
I managed to get in close enough to strike it, swinging hard into the thing with my bo staff and gouging out a decent chunk of it.
I checked Observe again to see how much damage I did.
I did about 20.
Oh, I only need to land 55 more hits.
I barely managed to roll away as another tendril lashed at me.
A quick glance at my MP and a quicker calculation told me I was getting about 20 MP to a minute, meaning 1 MP every three seconds.
Let's see... Power Strike costs 3 MP at LVL22, so I can use it once every nine seconds. At LVL22, it has +37% Crit...
If you carry the... And then you...
Oh my.
I started grinning.
"Alright. Statistically speaking, all I need to do is Dark Souls this fight for half a minute, and I win."
I quick back-roll got me away from a stabbing tendril, but only a timely handspring got me away from the sweeping one.
Landing on my feet, I ducked forward and ran quickly, evading a smaller tendril that nearly nicked my face.
Its large tendrils are slow, but the smaller ones are dangerous. If this thing wises up and makes a bunch of small ones...
I pushed that thought out of my mind.
Prana Stream is LVL21 now. It's 10 MP now to activate. That's thirty seconds.
And since casting Prana Grinder, I've survived for eighteen.
"I'll show you the might of the Darkwood Grain Ring!"
As the tendrils started lashing out at me, I started performing cartwheels, handsprings and rolls constantly.
Thanks to my higher Gymnastics Mastery Skill, I was getting an AGI bonus equal to half my Gym. Mas. Level, which is now at LVL 23.
Rounding down, I'm getting 11 AGI whenever I do a cartwheel or flip, for that singular instant of movement, meaning my AGI was in the thirties while Adrenaline Rush'd.
I was tempted to sing MC Hammer's hit song, when I glanced at my MP.
13 MP.
I was born on the Thirteenth.
I rolled quickly, closing the distance almost instantly as I dropped my bo staff onto the ground and pushed into my foe.
It was time.
"Prana Stream."
My left foot took the first step as I pulled my right arm back and raised my left hand near my face. My hips were pulled back, I was standing on the balls of my feet; my shoulder was ready, my fist cocked.
I threw the punch, and it felt like time slowed down for me.
I pivoted my foot, swung my hip, spun my chest, thrust my shoulder, extended my elbow and twisted my wrist 45* as I delivered the kind of punch that would make a boxer cries tears of bliss.
My entire body was put into that single punch, every bit of momentum from every movement of my body cumulated into a single strike channeling Prana Stream, my Martial Arts Mastery, and of course...
That red text looked beautiful to me, in that single instant. Like an angel died in crimson colors, come to help me.
600% power from Power Strike (LVL22). Another 105% from Martial Arts Mastery (LVL21) in both DMG and Attack Speed. And, of course, Prana Stream (LVL22) gave me 110% STR, VIT, and AGI.
And a Critical hit for double damage to top it all off.
When I first struck, my hand slid into the Red Slime King like it wasn't there, as my arm went elbow-deep.
Then, you could see it rippling; a hundred separate ripples in extreme proximity, each roiling over the body of the slime as the entire thing cratered so far that it was as a crescent moon.
Then, there was a soft *pop* noise.
The entirety of those green plains were died red in the gory, cherry-flavored viscera of another slaughtered Slime King.
And all of it happened in less than a single quarter of a second.
I moved out of stance, taking a deep breath.
You leveled up!
You leveled up!
You leveled up!
You used the Special Technique 'First and Final Strike - A Second is Unnecessary' without learning the Skill. Your Mastery increased by 10%!
Prana Stream leveled up! 22>>>23
Martial Arts Mastery leveled up! 21>>>22
Power Strike leveled up! 22>>>23
Gymnastics Mastery leveled up! 23>>>24
You thought deeply on what to do and how to do it, and successfully defeated a foe with a cunning strategy! +1 WIS, +1 INT!
You dodged countless attacks without being struck! +1 AGI!
You defeated the Red Slime King! You gained the Title 'Slaughterer of Several Slime Kings'!

My eyes were wide (and my ears practically bleeding) from the number of prompts that appeared.
All of that pushed my up to... Level 20!
And so many Skills leveled up too!
Reaching forward, I tapped my newest Title twice.

Slaughterer of Several Slime Kings
-Gained by killing two (2) different colored Slime Kings
-You are a King-Killer and have a talent for it!
-Kill all 5 Slime Kings for the next Slime-Slaughtering Title!
+50% DMG to Slimes
-50% DMG taken from Slimes
+10% bonus to all EXP Gains from Slimes
+15 to all Stats when fighting Slimes

My eyes were wide.
These bonuses were absolutely amazing for grinding in the Slime Plains, but...
On the other hand, there's THREE MORE SLIME KINGS!?
I groaned, palming my face.
"Fine... I'll do it..."
I looked up from my hand.
"But not today. First, I loot. Then, I rest."
Walking forward a few feet, the red viscera of the slain Slime disappeared in motes of light as I looked down.
"Observe, Observe, Observe, Observe, Observe."
The first were a couple of blue potions that interested me, the second was a slightly different crown from the earlier ones, the third was a large purple gem, the fourth was a red ring, and the fifth was a stack of money that I was already reaching to pick up.

Lowest Grade Soul Potion - Rank: Rare
An MP restoring potion. A lower-high grade potion.
Instantly restores 200 MP and tastes strongly of vanilla ice cream. Always a cold drink.

Greater Slime King Crown - Rank: Legendary
The crown of a powerful Slime King, this crown allows you to control as many Slimes as double your Level. The Level of the Slimes you create must be cumulatively equal to double your own Level, but no Slime may be of a higher Level than you.
Cost: Maintaining Slimes takes MP equal to your LVLx10 every post.

Intermediate Soul Stone - Rank: Useful
A large crystal created by integrating a great many souls. Useful for many things.

Red Slime Ring - Rank: Rare
A ring that was held in the stomach of the Red Slime King. Decreases HP by 25% when worn, but increases all EXP gains by 10%.
Note: It feels really, really slimy and sticky. Do you really want to put this on your finger?
Passive Skill: "I'm Bleeding EXP! Oh Wait, I'm Just Bleeding."

It's $800.

I slid the money into my Inventory, nodding as I was pushed just over $3000.
I picked up the Red Slime Ring and put it in my Inventory next to the Blue Slime Ring, which I'd opted not to wear to a Boss-Mob fight. The crown seemed better than the one I had, which was good. Also went into the Inventory, along with the crystal.
I hugged the Lowest Grade Soul Potions a little before putting them into my Inventory, grinning widely.
Martial Arts Skills were obviously great things that I really need to learn, given the extraordinary amount of damage I dealt, but a Wizard-build has its perks.
I idly wondered if I should try aiming for a Muscle-Wizard build, but put that out of my mind.
It was time to rest.
Raising my hand above my head, I called out "ID Escape!"
With that, there was the sound of shattering glass, and I returned home.
Not, of course, without my usual chant.
"Prana Stream, Observe, ID Create, ID Escape... Observe, ID Create, ID Escape..."

After the great clusterf*cks of days 4 and 6, I decided on the 7th day that, instead of working myself into a frenzy, it was time to rest. A day for normal training, with no mob-hunting, and no Boss-Mobs.
I made myself the simple promise that I would only be training today.
And the moment I said that promise, walking towards the usual clearing, I opened up my Inventory and got ready to draw a weapon.
"I just jinxed myself so hard that it's not even funny."
As I reached the clearing, I looked around for a moment.
Only a short moment, as that was all it took to spot them.
A short red-haired woman in a tasteful cerulean blouse with a blouson silhouette and a black pencil skirt was the closer one. It was a bit surprising to see that kind of attire on a girl who looked only 18. She had a bit of a smile, but it seemed condescending and almost... Predatory.
The man of the two dwarfed the woman and stood at at least 6'6". Unlike his partner, he looked uncomfortable; like he didn't want to be here. But partner might not be a good choice of word... Unlike the teenage girl, he had to be in his 30s. A bodyguard, maybe?
"Observe," I breathed out as I walked towards them, my Inventory at the ready.

Hillary Kensington:
Name: Hillary Kensington
Gender: Female
Job: Heiress of the Kensington Family
Title: Kensington Princess

Level: 17
Age: 18
Race: Human
STR: 18
VIT: 18
AGI: 19
INT: 43
WIS: 36
LUCK: 10

Kyle Rodrick:
Name: Kyle Rodrick
Gender: Male
Job: Enforcer for the Kensington Family
Title: Sleeping Giant

Level: 29
Age: 31
Race: Human
STR: 57
VIT: 63
AGI: 37
INT: 19
WIS: 27
LUCK: 19

Family heiress? She's a lower level than me, but she probably has Skills to make up for that. And the walking titan... That Title is a bit intimidating; plus, he's nine levels above me - if he were some mob, that wouldn't be a problem, but a PC? Any player knows that taking a PC on is worlds different from a monster.
Whatever the case, it was obvious that these are people with power. They're not Gamers, if their Jobs are anything to go by, but they're still strong enough to be a threat, and they have me outnumbered...
Alright, it's go time.
I smiled kindly and waved my hand at them.
"Hey; not a lot of people come 'round here. I kinda thought it was a place all to myself."
Both of them seemed to tense a bit when I raised my hand, but they seemed to relax as I spoke. They were expecting an attack.
"You must be Brandon Loy," Hillary said, maintaining eye-contact.
I grinned.
"Oh? I'm surprised. Few people come here, 'sides from on holidays; even fewer know who I am. Is there something I can help you with?"
"Enough with mindless pleasantries."
Her tone suddenly toughened.
"I'm not here to exchange empty words, and I think neither of us want to waste our valuable time."
I chuckled.
"Eesh, talk about cold; but alright. Why are you here? I have training to do."
"You're an unregistered Ability-User training in the Kensington Family's territory. That's a pretty large offense."
"I meant no offense. I only recently came into my ability, you see; I had no idea this territory belonged to anyone. If I can't train here, then may I ask where I can?"
"All of Salem, Portland, Eugene and Stayton are under our jurisdiction."
"...Hm. Relocating my training efforts to another city entirely is regrettably outside of my current abilities, I'm afraid. Can a deal be made?"
She went quiet for a moment, squinting her eyes at me.
"...You seem calm. Not only that, you say you only just came into your powers; you're claiming to be not only a Natural Ability-User, but a Late-Bloomer?"
I shrugged.
"If that's what you call it, then I believe so. I don't know those terms; I just know that I came into my powers suddenly not too long ago. Please do not assume I know anything beyond that."
My eyes flicked down slightly, watching her jaw shift slightly to the right; she's rubbing her canines together? That's... A sign of deep thinking, if I remember correctly.
"...My father would undoubtedly seek to meet with you. A Late-Bloomer-"
"Please excuse my manners, but I don't know who you are, or who your father is. You have yet to introduce yourself; you just appeared threateningly in a secluded area and displayed knowledge of me without offering any information as to yourself, beyond the fact that you're a part of the Kensington Family. As such, please explain the situation before you go any further."
The muscles around her eyes tightened. She's annoyed; doesn't like being interrupted?
"My name is Hillary Kensington, Heiress of the Family Kensington," she said, her tone harsh. "The Family Kensington is one of many families who work in the Abyss, which is the name of the magical world at large. We hold jurisdiction, as I said, over Salem, Portland, Stayton and Eugene. You are an unregistered Ability-User who claims without evidence to be a Late-Bloomer, who is also practicing on privately owned property. If what you say is true, then you really didn't know what you have been doing up until now, but if you did know, that's grounds to be lawfully captured and detained by the Family who operates the land. Do you understand the situation now?"
My smile was gone as I nodded.
"I believe so. I take it that I am going to be coming with you, willingly or not?"
"Until such time as we can determine whether you were knowledgeable of your actions, we must err on the side of caution."
"...Understood. Is it possible I could return home in the next two or three hours? I'm supposed to help make dinner tonight."
Her jaw shifted again.
"It's... Possible."
I sighed.
"Possible, but unlikely?"
I scratched at the back of my head, looking to the side.
"Jeez... My first introduction to the magical world, and I'm being detained. Not the best first impression, I imagine. What do I do now?"
"You follow," she said calmly.
With that, she turned on her heel and started walking into the forest. Her bodyguard looked at me almost pityingly before turning with her.
Sighing, I started following them.
I honestly can't imagine this turning out well.

Solo-Thread Gains (Total Word Count - 5403 words)
Skill Gained: Prana Grinder (500 Words)
Skill Gained: First and Final Strike - A Second is Unnecessary (1000 Words)
Skill Book Gained: Slime Summoning (2000 Words)
Character Leveled Up! 7 >>> 20
Gained 65 Stat Points!
Skill Level Ups:
Observe LVL8 >>> LVL9
Power Strike LVL8 >>> LVL23
Prana Stream LVL4 >>> LVL23
Martial Arts Mastery LVL7 >>> LVL22
Gymnastics Mastery LVL13 >>> LVL24
Prana Bolt LVL3 >>> LVL 15
ID Create/Escape LVL3 >>> LVL6
Blunt Weapon Mastery LVL6 >>> LVL17
Physical Endurance LVL19 >>> LVL20
+1 WIS (You thought deeply on a troubling situation)
+1 INT (You came up with a strategy to take down a stronger foe while on the fly)
+1 AGI (You dodged countless attacks from the Red Slime King)
+1 STR (Increased daily training)
+1 VIT (Increased daily training)
+2 LUCK (Reach LVL10, Reach LVL20)
Gained Titles
Slime King Killer (Kill Blue Slime King)
Slaughterer of Several Slime Kings (Kill two (2) different colored Slime Kings)
Red Slime Hunter (Kill 50 Red Slimes)
Enemy Drops:
19 Vials of Blue Slime
29 Vials of Red Slime
18 Lowest Grade Recovery Potions
2 Lowest Grade Soul Potions
6 Slime King Crowns
6 Blue Slime Rings
1 Greater Slime King Crown
1 Red Slime Ring
1 Slime Summoning Skill Book
1 Intermediate Soul Stone


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