[Solo-Thread] The Grassy Grind

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[Solo-Thread] The Grassy Grind

Post by CorenKeitaro on Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:27 pm

It's been three days since I found out about my interesting new ability. I've been starting each day with some physical conditioning; a few pistols per leg, some one-arm push-ups; I did a few explosive one-arms, but my elbow hurt like Hell from the impact so I didn't do any more of those after the first day. After, I'd go through a few of the moves I was taught at that day-care they called a martial-arts dojo. Mostly wrist grabs with barely any throws, seeing as 'throwing people' was 'violent' and reserved for 'orange belts' or higher... Who only had their belt for how long they were there, not their skill.
Needless to say, I have no pride for my own orange belt from there.
There were a few comments on how much I was eating, now; I was burning so much energy that I had to eat a lot to make up for it. A hyper-active metabolism certainly helped there.
I did some school-work for a few hours as well, looking to finish up whatever work I had to do quickly so I could head out and grind some more. Unsurprisingly, I barely leveled up anything. I might've been able to spend hours just grinding on Saturday, but unlike the weekend, I don't have too much free time on weekdays. I've gotten about an hour of Skill-grinding a day, which is hardly enough for someone like me.
Today, I'd just finished my workout for the day and have a plan for negotiating (read;pleading) for some free time later when I heard it.
I glanced over the prompt.
"Through diligent conditioning, your body has become stronger! +1 STR!"
My hand froze mid-press.
...I can up my stats... Through grinding...?
I thought it was just skills...
"This... Is big. Real big."
I put thoughts of pleading for free time clean out of my head as I went dug into some old boxes from before moving here, somehow still unpacked despite living in this house for three years.
It took a few minutes of searching, and about three coughing fits from the kicked up dust that I inhaled, but I pulled them out.
A pair of five-pound wrist-weights and a pair of eight-pound ankle-weights. I wore these when I was still practicing gymnastics, so that when I took them off I'd have a higher jump height Dragonball-style. They actually worked fairly well, but I stopped using them after quitting gymnastics.
They were dusty, but besides that they seemed fine. A quick wash and they'd be fine to wear.
I pulled out the weight-rods that slid into pockets on the straps, putting them on the ground while holding the weight-holders themselves.
I practically sprinted to the bathroom sink, where I spent five minutes washing them clean. After that was done, I donned the weights on my wrists and ankles and tried moving around.
There wasn't too much of a difference right now, despite already being a bit tired from my workout... But it was there. It slowed me down a bit, and I knew it'd get less and less tolerable as the day went on.
I grinned. This would do good for VIT and STR training.
Looking myself over, I made sure to grab a long-sleeve shirt to cover the wrist weights; the ankle weights would be covered by a pair of jeans.
I went to take my morning shower and started planning...
Today, I would start my real training, in the grassy plains of Slimes...

One shower later

"Alright, I'm ready."
I was standing outside now; I'd managed to get out of my schoolwork for the day through the cunning use of incredible psychoanalytical skill and the promise of fresh-baked cookies on Thursday.
Not such a bad compromise; I do enjoy baking, after all.
I shook my head.
Now was not the time for such thoughts.
I was actually a good quarter-mile from my home in a small grassy clearing. The road wasn't in sight from here; heck, neither were any buildings. I was in a lightly forested patch of land, alone.
For my purposes, that was perfect.
"Open Inventory."
Seeing as my skills were voice-activated, it wasn't too much of a challenge to figure out that the Options, Character Sheet, and Inventory were as well.
Literally reaching into my inventory, my hand disappeared as the screen rippled. When I found the handle, I pulled it out.
It was a mid-length bo staff; something I'd gotten from my step-dad's storage room. It was strong, as far as I could tell.
With the staff in one hand, I raised the other above my head.
"ID Create: Slime Plains!"
A ripple coursed through the air around me as everything looked glossy, before suddenly shifting to something different.
My stomach churned a little, not much liking the sudden perspective change, but I stood firmly as I looked around.
Sure enough, it was a grassy plain; it didn't have anything outstanding about it, aside from the occasional blue globules of slime spread around the area.
Unlike the Dragon Quest Slimes, these ones didn't have weird, creepy-looking eyes; they were just globs.
"Alright; let's do this!"
I targeted the closest one, running forward and slamming my staff into it; it was small, barely as high as midway up my shin, but my accuracy was good. A sweeping strike bisected the thing cleanly and sent it flying a good three meters to the side, and as it jiggled and rolled I watched its health go down by a full quarter.
Given that I'm three levels higher than it, I'm not surprised.
I rushed forward again, aiming for another sweep; not expecting to get a second strike so easily, I wasn't surprised when the slime suddenly leaped at me.
A premature swing in a downwards arc caught the slime in the air, slamming it hard into the ground.
It was splattered across the ground, and the word CRITICAL appeared for a moment as the Slime's body disappeared into motes of light.
I looked over the ground for drops, but found nothing.
I shrugged.
"Well, onto the next one!"
The next two hours were burned in a grassy plain, where if you had been there, you could've heard loud cries of various skills as I crushed Slime after Slime after Slime.
I was breathing heavily and out of MP as I stared down a Slime with next to no health.
It tensed up to lunge at me, making me tense up, when a faint squishing sound had me spinning around bodily and performing a sideways slam with the staff into a Slime that had thought to sneak up on me.
Another quick twirl and a downward swing crushed the first Slime, and a call of "Power Strike!" sent the second to a wet, sticky grave.
I looked at the prompt that appeared, keeping an eye on the nearby Slimes in case they tried to sneak up on me again.
"Through repeated use, Blunt Weapon Mastery has reached LVL6!"
I nodded at that, hefting my staff and looking to the next Slime, ready to-
I looked at the new prompt, confused.
"You've received the title Apprentice Slime Slayer!"
I raised an eyebrow at that one.
I tapped it twice quickly, opening the Titles section of my Character Sheet.

Slime Slayer
-Obtained by slaying 50 Slimes of any color
-You have a special interest and talent in making Slime-based jams by crushing Slime after Slime!
-Become a True Slime Slayer!
+30% DMG inflicted on Slimes
-30% DMG taken from Slimes
+5 to all Stats when fighting Slimes

I looked over the area, seeing so many Slimes... So many victims...
But I resisted the urge.
I kept Amateur Gymnast equipped and closed the Character Sheet before raising my hand.
I couldn't keep fighting in here; I was already dead tired at this point, and I'd already climbed three levels. Plus, I had a new Skill; Blunt Weapon Mastery, which had hit LVL6 in just two hours. Plus, Prana Bolt was LVL3, Prana Stream was LVL4, and Power Strike was LVL8.
I'd spent quite a bit time grinding for the day, and that was good enough.
"ID Escape!"
With that, the sound of shattering glass filled the field again.
I'd gotten a fair bit from today's grind.
Now, it was time to go home.
I slid my (step-dad's) bo staff into my inventory as I started walking, reciting the same thing I always did as I walked.
"Observe, ID Create, ID Escape... Observe, ID Create, ID Escape..."

Solo-Thread Gains:
Skill Gained - Blunt Weapon Mastery
Skill Level Ups:
Blunt Weapon Mastery LVL1 >>> Blunt Weapon Mastery LVL6
Prana Bolt LVL1 >>> Prana Bolt LVL3
Prana Stream LVL2 >>> Prana Stream LVL4
Power Strike LVL3 >>> Power Strike LVL8
Observe LVL7 >>> Observe LVL8
ID Create/Escape LVL2 >>> ID Create/Escape 3
Stat Gains:
+1 STR (daily physical conditioning)
+1 VIT (constantly fighting for hours)
+1 AGI (dodging Slimes for hours)
Leveled Up 3 Times
LVL4 >>> LVL7
Gained 15 Stat Points
Enemy Drops:
12 Vials of Blue Slime
Gained Title 'Blue Slime Hunter'


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