[Solo-Thread] A Gamer Starts Gaming [Introduction Thread]

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[Solo-Thread] A Gamer Starts Gaming [Introduction Thread]

Post by CorenKeitaro on Thu Mar 26, 2015 6:08 pm

(OOC: This thread is an introductory thread, meaning that in this thread, my character does not have all of the skills he starts the real game with. This is describing him finding out about The Game, and getting the skills that his actual character sheet start with. No new skills are gained over the course of this thread.)

I was breathing heavily, sitting on the grass in the backyard. The trampoline I'd been on was about two meters away, completely still; as if I hadn't just done flips on that thing in rapid succession.
I closed my eyes and focused on my heart rate, willing it to slow down; my head was starting to hurt a bit from the lack of oxygen. I felt it go down from 120 BPM, slowing until it sat at a clean 80. It was a bit fast for someone my size, but I always ran a little on the fast side.
I took a deep breath through my nose, exhaling slowly through my mouth, and all was calm...
My breathing hitched, my eyes shot open, and my heart rate jumped by 10 as a sound came from right in front of me. I should've heard any footsteps; how did someone get in front of me?
Only, when I looked, there wasn't anyone in front of me. Just a floating... Thing with text on it.
"Through diligent practice, your Gymnastics Mastery skill has leveled up to 13!"
I blinked.
I ran my hand over what looked to be a game prompt, feeling for strings or something. It was ridiculous, given that it would be swaying in the light breeze if there were strings, but still.
Finding nothing, I put my hand on it, feeling a slight resistance before pushing through it cleanly.
"What the...?"
In the upper-right corner of the 'prompt' was a small red X, which I promptly tapped.
The message disappeared there, and was replaced with a small screen.
Character Sheet
Skill Sheet

I was confused quite a bit, at this point. However, I had played enough video games to know what to do.
Tapping the 'Options' option, the screen changed.

Gameplay | Audio | Video

Difficulty: [UNKNOWN]
Dungeon Entry: Automatic
HUD: Off

I frowned.
The Difficulty wasn't just unknown, it was also grayed out. I couldn't change it.
And dungeon entry...?
"Let's see... Automatic or Prompt?"
I chuckled.
If you don't know what it does, check the manual or turn off Auto. I'd died enough times in games to realize that just stumbling into a high-level area was never a good plan.
Switching it to prompt, I moved to HUD - the Heads-Up Display. Switching it on, I didn't notice any differences, but then I saw the Apply Settings button at the bottom.
Ignoring that for now, I tapped the Audio section of the Options, shifting out of the Gameplay screen.

BGM: Off
SFX: 75%
Voices: 80%
Subtitles: Off (Must Have HUD On)

My hand practically moved on its own as it switched subtitles on and pushed Voices to 100%. I was really tired of trying to listen to someone, only to mishear them and have them repeat it.
Last was the Video section. Tapping it, I frowned.

Visual Filters: None Found

That was the only option. I was kinda hoping to be able to change the frame-rate, slowing it down or speeding it up. It'd be a nice way to game a test or something. But this? A visual filter just changes how I see everything, like the colors. There's not even a Mod-Pack section for graphic-swapping!
"Ah... I knew Life was a mediocre game," I muttered.
And saying that, that's when the confusion hit.
"...Game? Wait, but that'd mean- But I-"
I went quiet.
"...Okay, if Life is a game, then that means that my GUI has been off the whole time. But right now, it's on. What turned it on? Why am I suddenly seeing all of this? Am I finally forming weird schizophrenic hallucinations? And why am I asking myself all of this out-loud?"
I went quiet again, opting to think with my head instead of my mouth.
"Okay, so it's obvious that Life is now a game; whether it's always been a game, I can't tell. I also can't tell if it's a game for everybody, or even just anyone other than me. I do know that nobody in my immediate family sees Life as a game, though. I also don't know how I started seeing this, as my GUI was not on prior to today, or I would've seen my Gymnastics Mastery skill before it reached 13.
So, that means that today, I gained access to an unbelievable ability that nobody in their right mind would believe me about without information on this ability or similar ones already being known. That means that, while this does allow me to play Life as a game, I do need to keep it under wraps, so I don't get sent to the Loony Bin.
Lastly, if Life is a game, or is being perceived as a game based on odd hallucinations, then the most important thing to do is to test. Find out my stats and skills, upgrade them, and compare them to my skills at lower-levels. If it's real, I can game the system; if they're hallucinations, then they're in-depth enough that I can use them to game Life as it is in reality.
Basically, I have to Power-Game the Bajeezus out of Life. Y'know, like I always dreamed of doing."

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes as I breathed in through my nose, out through my mouth. I was getting too excited; my heart-rate climbed back up to over 100 while I was thinking about this.
After feeling it drop another 20 BPM, I slowly stood up; I went to my knees for a few seconds, then slowly began to stand.
My vision flickered in and out for a moment, turning black for a second before going back to seeing the backyard, albeit with white specks dancing in my vision.
"Damn P.O.T.S."
I tilted my head to the side until a few loud pops were heard; I repeated for the other side.
"Alright, let's apply changes."
Tapping the Apply Settings button, my vision went fully black for a moment. Of course, anyone who ever changed their options in a game has seen that; at least if they changed the screen resolution, anyway.
When my vision returned, I could see my health in the upper-right corner of my vision, and a blue bar right under that. MP, maybe? If there's MP, then that means that all that spiritual stuff is available. Spiritual healing with Reiki, strengthening of the body through opening the chakras... Maybe even things like Yu Yu Hakusho's Spirit Gun.
But that's not what I should focus on for now.
The Options screen was still open, and I closed it with a quick tap before opening my Character Sheet.
I was LVL4, without a Title, but my Job was The Gamer. Job-systems are like Classes in D&D, so that means I'm the Gamer Class? Makes sense.
Strength, Vitality, Agility, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Luck. These were my stats. I was above average in everything other than LUCK, before taking into account Flaws.
"Tch... 8 Intelligence? Adrenaline Rush could nullify P.O.T.S. and get me 4 more, but that's still only 75% of my Base Intelligence, and Ehlers-Danlos doesn't have a cure, so... Looks like I'm stuck with the INT-score of a Barbarian. At least my Wisdom is good; a Psychiatrist without Wisdom is like a tank without Endurance... And I'm saying this out loud again. I really have to stop that."
"Eh, at least my Agility is pretty high. That comes with being a gymnast, I guess. Speaking of gymnastics, I should check my Skills."
Pulling open my Skills Sheet, I looked it over.
I had five Skills right now; Observe, Power Strike, Gymnastics Mastery, Martial Arts Mastery, and Physical Endurance. The highest was Physical Endurance at LVL19, which makes sense; I've been dealing with joint sublaxations for around half a decade, now. My pain tolerance is through the roof.
"Hmm... let's see..."
I held my hand forward, pointing a finger at the ground in front of me. It worked for Yusuke, didn't it?
"Focus your energy through your body... Circulate it, feel for it, then gather it at the tip of your finger."
I lined up the shot with a small pile of dirt and charged it into my finger.
I closed my eyes, visualizing the movement of the energy, and...
...It was stalling in my hand? The energy that tried to go into the finger would leak out; there wasn't enough room.
Opening my hand, I looked at my palm and saw it glowing faintly.
A prompt suddenly appeared.
"You created a new Skill! Prana Stream: A skill to circulate prana (inner energy/MP) through the body, increasing durability. +5% STR when Active, +5% VIT when Active, +5% AGI when Active, -30 MP per post when Active. Would you like to rename it?"
I grinned. Not what I was going for, but a Reinforcement technique? Sweet.
I tapped no, before taking a glance at my MP.
My MP was burning fast!
I shut down Prana Stream immediately; I burned 30 MP just now; that's more than 1/5 of my whole bar!
If I wanted a projectile magic attack, I'd need to do it without Prana Stream.
I took another deep breath, gathering the energy into my hand again. This time, I didn't try to circulate it and hold it in my hand, but rather, I focused it in an orb outside of my hand.
A glowing blue orb appeared in my hand as I saw another 20 MP get drained from my bar.
I took aim, lining up my palm with the target and inhaling deeply.
'Fire on the exhale,' my grandpa used to say. Sure, he was talking about guns, but the same thing applies.
As I breathed out, I forced my attack out of my hand, making it fly across the area.
I didn't quite hit the dirt pile, but I was only a few inches off.
"You created a new Skill! Prana Bolt: A skill to condense and fire prana out of the body to deal damage. Deals DMG=INT+SkillLVL, Triple DMG if Prana Stream is Active, -20 MP when fired. Would you like to rename it?"
I tapped no again, thinking about the next skill I wanted.
Let's see... Dungeon Entry was a thing, wasn't it? I had to turn it onto Prompt.
I quickly brought the Options menu back up, before pressing and holding the Dungeon Entry option.
After a moment, a small pop-up screen appeared.
Automatic: Automatically enter any Instant Dungeon created by someone through the use of the ID Create Skill. Prompt: When encountering any Instant Dungeon created by someone through the use of the ID Create Skill, you will be asked if you want to enter.
I blinked.
"ID Create? ID must be Instant Dungeon."
I rubbed my chin thoughtfully for a moment.
"If Life is a game, then I might need a Skill Book to learn that one. Or maybe it's like Prana Stream or Bolt; I just have to do it to learn it. Maybe I just have to raise my hand, focus, and say 'ID Create'...?"
I was quiet for a moment.
"...Eh, it's worth a shot; it's not like I'll lose anything for trying, 'sides from some of my pride."
I went through the motions of gathering energy again, raised my hand above my head, and focused on creating a small 'dungeon'. One that looks like a grassy plain, and has... Yeah, some LVL1 Slimes, like from Dragon Quest.
"ID Create!"
My energy pulsed out for a moment, yet my MP stayed the same.
I looked up, watching as the sky took on an almost glossy look for a second, before returning to normal.
When I looked down, the backyard I'd been standing in was...
...Exactly the same.
There was no difference.
Well, other than the new prompt.
"A Skill has been discovered through a Special Action! The Skill to create Illusion Barriers; ID Create: Used to create instant dungeons. Stronger instant dungeons may be created according to level."
I read it quickly before nodding.
The reason why I didn't make a plain with enemies in it was because I didn't have any levels in it. That makes sense.
Now, what about breaking it? The screen said that other people can make them too, and they're called 'Dungeons' and are made from 'Illusion Barriers'. That means if someone traps me in one, I need to know how to get out.
"...Eh, it worked the first time, didn't it?"
I raised my hand above my head and focused, this time staying quiet to see if I needed to speak to break the ID.
After a few moments with no response, I sighed.
"ID Break!"
And with that, the sound of shattering glass filled the air as the Illusion Barrier broke.
"So I do need to say it... Hm. Well, looks like I'm taking the path of the anime character and screaming my technique names every cast..."
Another sigh.
"That's so wasteful..."
"A Skill has been discovered through a Special Action! The Skill to escape Illusion Barriers; ID Escape: Used to escape instant dungeons. Stronger instant dungeons may be escaped according to level."
I shook my head, focusing less on the cons and more on the pros.
"Only one thing to do now," I said calmly.
I walked over to the gate at the edge of the backyard, opened it, and started walking through the town.
If anyone listened closely enough, they could hear the sound of someone muttering.
"Observe, ID Create, ID Escape, Prana Stream... Observe, ID Create, ID Escape... Observe, ID Create, ID Escape..."

Three hours later...

I dropped onto my bed, breathing heavily.
"Jeez... That was tiring..."
I kept using Prana Stream whenever I had the MP, leaving me tired, and I'd alternated sprinting, jogging, and walking while using my ID skills while walking.
My Prana Stream was now LVL2, Observe was LVL7, and my ID Skills were both LVL2.
"I'll have to start practicing martial arts and gymnastics regularly again... But..."
I closed my eyes, doing some deep breathing exercises.
The doctors said that I couldn't do anything too strenuous; that mine was a 'tumultuous age' for my body. Gymnastics, martial arts, boxing, even jogging; they said that if I practiced any of those, I'd be a cripple in my thirties, unable to put on a pair of pants without dislocating my hips completely and going through extreme pain.
*bum-bum, bum-bum.*
My heart-rate's up again... And I'm not even standing up.
"Keep breathing," I muttered to myself.
I quieted my mind for a moment. Thinking things like that... It excites the heart too much. One must know control in all walks of life, for only through knowing one's limits may one find the way to surpass them.
...Or something like that.
"In through the nose, out through the mouth..."
Whatever the case was, today, I'd found out about this... Ability of mine. Based on the damage I dealt to that dirt pile, this isn't a hallucination. It's real.
And I can't be the only one with powers like this. I have a Job that explicitly states 'The Gamer'... That implies that there are other classes, or else they wouldn't have bothered using the Job spot.
Raising my hand, I opened up my character sheet, using my pillows to support my back and neck as I leaned against the wall against which my bed rested.
Job: The Gamer.
That had to have some greater meaning. There has to be more classes, and more classes means more players...
I groaned softly.
What good is sitting here, contemplating the possibility of other players? I know everything I can know at this moment, I've spent the day training... This isn't the time to waste thoughts on questions I don't have enough information to answer.
Now was a time of action; if I wait for someone else to come along and answer my questions for me, I won't learn anything myself. I'll find the information I need, that much's for sure.
Sighing, I looked over the rest of my sheet.
My eye got caught by something near the top, just under Job in fact.
It was empty at the moment, but I decided to tap it, see if I had any.
Unlocked Titles:
Amateur Gymnast

Only one, huh? Makes sense. I'm not exactly the world's biggest over-achiever.
I tapped it once, looking at its bonuses.

Amateur Gymnast
-Obtained by reaching LVL10 in Gymnastic Mastery
-You have a special talent and interest in various gymnastic acts!
-Become a Professional Gymnast and gain even greater bonuses!
+10% EXP Gain for any skill related to Gymnastics
+10% AGI

Tapping it again, I selected it as my title.
Brandon Loy; Amateur Gymnast and Gamer.
I grinned, my eyes starting to feel heavy.
"Jeez... I overdid it today..."
I looked at the clock beside my bed. Five PM? I needed to be up at 7 to help make dinner...
Reaching over, I set the alarm for five before, went to shut off the lights, and laid down on my bed.
It didn't take long for everything to fade to black...


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