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This topic is written for those who want to play as themselves, but find the 60-point stat system too restricting to properly represent themselves. For example, someone who is among the 25th percentile for benching based on age-group, they'll have a fairly decent STR score, but what if they don't have the points to show that without sacrificing a ridiculous amount of points to INT, or WIS?
Statting yourself is only allowed if you are playing as yourself, which a lot of people might not enjoy as much because it's not exactly 'role-playing'. However, some people might like to play as themselves, and that 'some' is for whom this topic is written.
Please do note that, while this does allow for extra points in some regards, all self-statted characters will have a flaw. Everyone has flaws; those flaws can cause stat penalties, or prevent the learning of certain skills. A Flaw is a big part of you as a person, and you as a Character. Nobody's flawless.
And please do note that some 'Flaws' will be dismissed out of hand if they're really dumb. If I read that someone's 'Flaw' is that they're 'so totes hot that everyone wants them', I will not accept it, even you want to end up having murderers and rapists hunt you constantly, as that is what such a flaw would entail, and that would not be something I would be comfortable having on the site.
Basically, please be reasonable about self-statting, keep in mind that nobody is perfect, and note that with self-statting, not stat may exceed 15 unless they're being penalized by your flaw.
Coren Keitaro has 16 INT. He also has the Flaw 'Chronic Sleep Deprivation', causing a 25% penalty to INT.
Coren Keitaro has 16 base INT, and 12 effective INT.
Base is how high it would be alone. Effective is how much it is in play.
When writing your stats, place the Effective stat in the normal place, and place the Base stat in parentheses.

An important thing to note is that, if you choose to Self-Stat, you must fill out the Origin Story option in your character sheet. While it is normally optional, it is important that you fill it out when playing as yourself, so that other players know what you are like, which can heighten the RP experience. Also, please note that while you should try to be as accurate in your character sheet to yourself as you can, you should not use your real name as your character name unless you feel comfortable sharing your real name on the Internet. Thus, it is recommended that you use your username or a preferred nickname in its place.

The following is the Self-Stat template; put this in your Character Sheet at the bottom to show that you Self-Statted your character:

Copy-Paste This:

[b]Flaw Name[/b]:
[b]Flaw Type[/b]:

Now, a quick explanation on what those mean.
Flaw Name: (The name of the flaw, and the severity if applicable)
Flaw Type: (What kind of flaw is it? Medical? Physical? Psychological?)
Effects: (explain the effects of the Flaw)
Description: (describe the flaw in one or two sentences; if description is longer than that, place in spoiler)

Flaw Name: P.O.T.S. (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) - Minor
Flaw Type: Medical-Type
Effects: -25% INT, -25% WIS, -25% AGI
Description: A medical disorder that causes a feeling of 'brain-fog' that inhibits cognitive abilities. Nullified during times of panic or by the Status Effect 'Adrenaline Rush'.
P.O.T.S. Description:
A form of dysautonomia and orthostatic intolerance that is associated with the presence of excessive tachycardia (unnaturally high heart-rate) and many other symptoms upon standing. P.O.T.S. is diagnosed in people when standing after a short period of rest and detecting a change in BPM of at least 30 beats per minute, or where their heartrate is pushed past 120 BPM by standing. P.O.T.S. is caused by a malfunction of the patient's autonomic nervous system, and can result in temporary loss of vision, fainting, nausea, shortness of breath, chest pains, headaches or tremors of the body.
Minor effects: loss of sight upon standing, inhibited cognitive functions (-25% INT), coldness/numbness of extremities (-25% AGI).
Major effects: loss of sight upon standing, inhibited cognitive functions (-25% INT), coldness/numbness of extremities (-25% AGI), shortness of breath (-10% VIT), fatigue (-10% STR), nausea

Now, I will reiterate the fact that playing a self-statted character involves being honest about yourself. Don't lie about how much you can bench for some extra strength, and if you want us to believe you can juggle eight things at once, post a video with a timestamp and prove it. If you want these points, prove that the 'you' in real life truly has the skills that warrant them.
Thank you for reading this.


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