Basic Skill Sheet

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Basic Skill Sheet

Post by CorenKeitaro on Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:43 am

Skills are rather simple. A skill is broken into five parts; the Name, the Type, the Level, the Description, and the Effects.
When creating a character, please place the Skill Sheet within your first post through editing, or place the Skill Sheet in a reply to the character sheet.
Please do note that starting characters may start with 3 Active Skills, 2 Passive Skills, and 3 Skills that can be whatever you want. Observe is given to all characters free, and does not count towards the eight skills you receive. The same goes for Gamer's Mind and Gamer's Body.
Thus, a character may only start with eleven (11) skills. Any character that has more skills than is allowed for a starting character (LVL4) will be forced to reduce the number of their skills.
More skills can be formed during the course of playing The Game. Any Solo-Thread (a one-shot post detailing training of some sort, word-count minimum 500) may give the character one (1) skill at 500 words, and one (1) more for every multiple of 1000 in Word Count. You can also gain one skill for every 25 In-Character posts in a thread with multiple people.
You may also gain Skills by evolving pre-existing Skills, raising your Stats to 50, 100, 250, and 500, or through Skill Books. These three methods do not require a word count; they only require having gained the books, Stat points, or reached LVLMAX on a Skill.
Skills level up through usage. As this isn't something that is easily kept track of by moderators, we do ask that, while you play, you keep track of your own abilities.
Any blatant cheating and unfair experience gaining, as well as being caught blatantly Power-Gaming, will result in a penalty, varying upon the severity of the transgression.
Thank you for reading this.

A skill should follow the following template:
Name: (Skill Name)
Type: (Active/Passive)
Level: (Skill Level; note, only three skills of the starting eight may be above LVL10, all others must be LVL9 or lower unless explained adequately in Origin Story (see Character Sheet))
Description: (Skill description; please keep descriptions around 1-2 sentences)
Effects: (What the skill does, including status effects, stat bonuses, etc.)
Code for copy-pasting is as follows:



Please write your Skills clearly and concisely so as to minimize misunderstandings.
Thank you.


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