Basic Character Sheet

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Basic Character Sheet

Post by CorenKeitaro on Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:32 pm

Please see the bottom of this topic for the actual code for the character sheet.

Vital Information

Name: (your name)
Job: (what you are)
Level: (general power-level)
Title: N/A (new PCs have no titles unless using Origin Story)
Password: (Did you read The Rules?)

HP: (formula, HP=LVLx50+VITx5+skill.bon.)
MP: (formula, MP=LVLx25+INTx5+skill.bon)

STR: (you have 60 points to allocate between your 6 stats, 10 is human average)

Elemental Affinity:
(one elemental affinity if using Origin Story, N/A otherwise)

Stat Points: 60 (these are the points you have to allocate to your stats, should be 0 when posting sheet)
Money: (changes if using Origin Story, otherwise $21.50 (or equal amount converted to alternate currency))

Origin Story (Optional)
(This section is completely optional, but allows several small bonuses to your character based on what you write and the quality of the writing. What you write will not give you bonuses if you write short one-sentence answers, or if I have trouble reading it for reasons of poor grammar or story-telling.)
Appearance: (A description of your character’s physical appearance, including the following: Hair (length and color), build, height, weight, ethnicity, eyes; clothing description option. If exceeding 100 words of acceptable writing, add +1 point to STR, VIT, or AGI (only ONE stat, not all))
Personality: (A description of how your character acts and thinks. Please note that needless edgy characters will be judged more harshly, but not turned away out of hand. If exceeding 100 words of acceptable writing, add +1 to INT, WIS, or LUCK (only ONE stat, not all))
Character History: (A description of your character’s history and how they got to be who they are now. I do not want to see walls of text here; please keep this under 250 words at most. If exceeding 100 words of acceptable writing, add +1 to any single stat of your choice OR add 1 Elemental Affinity to a standard element (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Wood, Metal, Light, Dark))
RP Sample: (A quick sample of how you role-play to determine your skill with spelling, grammar, and standard role-playing skill. This section will be written in a spoiler section, denoted with a WRITE HERE that you will replace. This RP sample must exceed 250 words of acceptable writing, but grants an extra 3 stat points to be allocated where you wish if approved.)
RP Sample Example:
This is me RPing as myself as a sample example!
Note: If all fields in Origin Story and filled satisfactorily, the player may take one Title. The effects of the title must be approved to prevent overly blatant power-gaming, and must be related to the Character History.

Now, with the explanation finished, I will now place the code for the character sheet itself. Please copy-paste the following into your topic/word editor and fill it in. Do keep in mind that the sheet may be edited slightly by the administrator for polishing purposes in cases where the sheet is overly messy. This does not, however, mean that we will fix any errors.

Copy-Paste This:

[b][size=15]Vital Information[/size][/b]
[hr][b]Elemental Affinity:[/b]

[hr][b]Stat Points:[/b] 60
[hr][b][size=15]Origin Story (Optional)[/size][/b]
[b]Character History:[/b]
[b]RP Sample:[/b][spoiler="RP Sample"]WRITE HERE[/spoiler]


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