[Solo-Thread] Hey There, Mr. Bones - It's All Ogre Now

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[Solo-Thread] Hey There, Mr. Bones - It's All Ogre Now

Post by CorenKeitaro on Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:31 pm

"Look, I get that you're training really hard and all, but..."
I opened my eyes, looking at Sal.
"Well... We're kinda doing all the work y'know?"
That... Was true enough.
I looked out at the field, examining the area.
I could see rather well, despite the poor lighting of the area, but that was more due to my Familiars than anything else.
On the field now, I could see them all wreaking Hell on the Skeletons of the Dark Crypt, racking up my EXP as I focused on other things.
Undine, the Water Elemental, was practically dancing across the area, nearly invisible save a faint glimmer as what little light there was bounced off of her body. She preferred being in fluid form in combat, she said, as water was harder to damage and much more versatile, so she was just a mobile puddle of Skelly-Stabbing water at the moment.
Meanwhile, Gnome was just breaking apart the bones of various Spookies by using her natural element Earth, which this entire cave happened to be made out of. From what I read, she was one of many called 'Gnome', but looked different from other 'Gnomes'.
She had gray-ish looking skin and almost the same color hair, only it was tinged a lighter green with forest green streaks through it. She stood up to about my hip and wore a brown dress that went down to her knees.
There was also Sylpheed, though she practically demanded I call her Sylph when we met. She was a light-hearted Wind Fairy that was only around the size of my bicep, but had enough control over her Element to cut through the Spookies with blades of wind rather easily. As a Fairy, she was swift and small and very tricky, and always came up with ways to make smacking around the Skeletons fun.
However, these three were a little hard to follow in the Dark Crypt because it was, as its name kinda implies, rather dark.
The other two, though, could be spotted from a mile away. By a blind man.
Salamander was a Fire Elemental and a Dragon, so her being very obvious is to be expected. The other one, though, was both new and even more flashy that Sal.
Senhime was, of course, one of my new Familiars. I picked up her up from the Abyss Auction, or more accurately, I picked up the Summoning Skill Book for Lightning-Attribute Elementals.
This one was different from the other four I'd taken. Undine, Gnome, Sylpheed, Salamander; they're the four representatives of the Elements in the alchemical works of Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim; more popularly known as Paracelsus, a Swiss German Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and general occultist, along with the founder of discipline of toxicology.
Meanwhile, Senhime, a Lightning Elemental, was not one from the same Elements as the others. Her manual was originally written in Japanese, but I bought an English version translated by the same guy who sold the other four Skill Books.
He gave me it half-off to finish the set, which was pretty nice of him.
She was the only one of the group to use a real 'weapon'; Salamander used her flame breath and tail, Undine used to condensed water to cut through things, Gnome crushed with stone, and Sylph did... Something. It varied.
Senhime, on the other hand, was both rather human-sized, being 5' even, and human-shaped, unlike Undine being a puddle and Salamander a Dragon.
She had silvery-blond hair and used a small dagger that she charged with electricity. Her speed was on-par with Sylph, but she was a lot more quiet and controlled. Her eyes were, fittingly enough, an electric blue. A Japanese spirit, she wore a yellow kimono tied loosely at the stomach, freeing her legs for movement.
Personally, I thought they were all doing very well, considering the fact that they were also managing to avoid hitting the leaping Slime and Ghost Familiars.
I, of course, had been training my Ki Restoration Meditation Technique, from the Goblin's Guide to Meditation book I got off of the Abyss Auction. We'd been at this four the last 12 hours; I was getting an additional 30 MP Regen a minute from the start, and it only grew as I leveled it. Being in it constantly for eight hours pushed me up 12 levels, putting it at LVL13 and 43 MP Regen a minute.
All in all, that was a total of 113 MP Regen a minute, and all of my normal Familiars only cost 35, leaving me with 78. That's 11 additional Familiars; 6 Slimes, 5 Ghosts. No Zombies, though; Skeletons did only Physical, and Ghosts were immune to it, and Slimes were strong against it.
"Return," I said firmly, dispelling them. Now, it was just me and the Five, along with a bunch of Spooky Skellingtons.
Plus, I was at full MP and at 78 gain to a minute, so yeah.
Raising my hand, I called out "Soul Spear."
A Skill that I'd made from my Prana Bolt and the Magic Arrow, super-charged and ready.
It crackled with 25 points of MP, but with it, a Skeleton's entire torso was reduced to ash.
Ash, rather than just powder, because I liked to charge it with my Lightning Affinity and use it like a Sunbro's Lightning Spear.
We'd been at this for ten minutes now, so it should be any second...
*jangle jangle*
And there we go.
"Hey there Mr. Bones," I said, turning around.
It looked more-or-less like a normal Skeleton, only this one was about fifteen-feet tall and carried a scimitar at least half that.

Fragment of Soul - First of the Dead LVL46
HP - 34000, MP - 9000
A powerful reanimated Skeleton made from the
shattered bones of the hunted and the will of a
Necromancer, bound together by the Soul Energy
of a Shattered Soul.
Powerful physically and incredibly fast despite its
appearance. Its scimitar uses Elemental attacks
so watch out for those.

"It's fast and elemental," I warned my Familiars. "Let's make this quick!"
I raised my hand over my head, gathering energy in it as lightning coursed through my body.
I hurled it right at the Skeleton, who tried to dodge...
But was buffeted right into it by Sylph's winds.
Electricity crackled as a portion of Mr. Bone's rib-cage was disintegrated, while Sal flew into the air and started spitting lashes of flame. It didn't do much damage, but it caught the thing's attention enough that Gnome and Senhime could charge forward.
Senhime hurled the dagger into the back of its skull with enough force to stumble it as Gnome slammed a mallet of solid stone straight into its knees, sending it to the ground with noise not unlike biting down on a chicken's bone to hard.
"I've been waiting for this!"
I gathered more energy in my hand, charging my Soul Spear with triple the MP it needed.
Tinging it with fire magic at the core, I threw it.
As it hit, the Fire-element burst out, devouring the extra MP suddenly and bursting into a massive fiery conflagration.
The entire Dark Crypt shook and was lit up for an instant as everything shook from the force of the massive detonation.
"Double-Tap," I called out.
Gnome promptly started smashing a mallet into the smoke, where the thing had been.
*jangle jangle*
"Cool. Sylph?"
A quick burst of wind pushed away the smoke and dust, revealing floating motes of silver dust and several items.

Giant's Scimitar:
An outrageously sized Scimitar obviously built for creatures of massive size. It is imbued with two enchantments: The first makes it unnaturally sharp, and the second allows magic to flow into it easily. The steel is brittle, making it fragile for an enchanted weapon, but between the sharpness and Elemental attacks, you only need a few strikes to cleave through most anything.
STR Req: 50 (Two-Hand), 80 (One-Hand)

Giant's Bone Ring:
A small ring that was once a part of the First of the Dead's finger bone. No special magical effects beyond enhancing Undead Affinity by more than normal.

It's $2000. Y'know, exactly what it says on the tin.

Making sure I was using Breathing Purification, I reached over and picked up the Scimitar, one-handing it rather easily.
"I expected it to be harder to wield. Maybe it's easier because I have the STR?"
"That ability of yours is quite versatile, Contract-Bearer."
I looked to the side, seeing Undine start to form her real body.
The water formed into a pale, light-blue-skinned woman with black hair that rippled like water. She was wearing a navy-blue robe, the hood pulled down, and her arms at her sides.
"...Strong." Gnome walked up, picking up the Ring and inspecting it.
"Our Lord is quite powerful." Senhime strode towards the loot and picked up her knife from where it fell after Mr. Bones bit the dust.
"If he was not, then he wouldn't be our 'Lord'," Salamander said, landing beside me.
I turned, half expecting Sylph to give her own two cents.
Then I saw a bunch of Skeletons being forced to Riverdance by unseen winds, and realized Sylph was way to distracted by her own antics and rampant giggling.
You Leveled Up! LVL49 >>> LVL50
You reached LVL50! +1 LUCK
I nodded, clearing away the Prompts.
"Alright, that makes 48 times," I said, looking up to my team. "Do we want to go to a clean 50, move on to the next Dungeon, or stop training for the day?"
The Familiars looked between each other, before coming to a group consensus, making me sigh.
"...I asked you guys because I didn't want to choose, so saying 'You can choose!' so happily really messes it up."
I shrugged.
"Whatever, though. Let's make it a clean 50 and drop out for a bit. Everyone up for that?"
Everyone, sans Sylph, who was now making the Skeletons dance as she sang 'Spooky Scary Skeletons' with half the words replaced with 'Na-Na-Na', agreed.
"Alright. Once more, unto the breach!"

Some time later...

"Sunlight Spear! Sunlight Spear! Sunlight Spear!"
Spawning them as quickly as I could throw them, I hurled lightning-charged Soul Spears at Ogres from a range, turning them into ash in a single strike.
Here in the Ogre Plains, the mobs were about 30 levels below me. I was getting next to no experience for my LVL, but my SkillLVLs? Those were going up.
Due to constant use, my Lightning Affinity had sky-rocketed and was sitting at 97; my Fire Affinity came in 2nd at 67, as I only really used that for Crowd-Clearing. Wind-Element Soul Spears tended to have much better piercing but less overall damage than the other two, and Earth and Water didn't mix too well with Soul Spear.
As it turns out, though, my Undead Affinity could be used to poison a target, which dealt a good deal of damage just by applying it to Prana Bolt and hitting them all in rapid succession. My Slime Affinity caused immobilization, which would be good for when I inevitably face off against something small and stupidly fast.
Whenever I started running low on MP, I would just start Soul Draining the Ogres until they were dry or I was full, at which point I blasted the empty ones clear out of existence.
Soul Spear has Leveled Up! LVL24 >>> LVL25 - LVLMAX
"Already?" I muttered.
I took a look at my watch.
"...Whoops. I've been in here hurling these things for the last 15 hours. Character Sheet."
The screen loaded up.
"Hmm... Slime Affinity is up to 50, Undead is at 60, and everything else 'cept Lightning and Fire are 63 or 65."
Hearing stomping noises, I looked up.
"Sunlight Spear."
Not even bothering to throw it, I willed the Spear to hurtle into the Ogre's stomach, punching clean through. Severing the spine did, of course, deal a Critical.
Not that it was needed.
"...Okay, I should probably leave now, I said."
I raised my hand.
"ID Escape!"
"You can't escape the Dungeon at this time."
I blinked.
"...Sunlight Spear!"
Holding it in my hand, I whirled around, hurling it like a professional javelin-thrower.
And thus was a rather stupid-looking demon with two heads obliterated.
It was only LVL41, and another Critical flashed in my HUD.
"Hmm... Let's see, Ogre's Tiger Panties, nearly indestructible... Yeah, I'm still not that shameless of a Power-Gamer. With the other 26 pairs it goes Ogre's Magic Bat... I've already got 12 of those. And $1000... Again. The First of the Dead gave me more."
I stood back up, stretching my back as I did.
I was a bit surprised when my hip slid out of place.
"Hmm... I need a healing technique," I muttered, grabbing my thigh. "A bit of an ache's one thing, but this?"
With an odd-sounding crunch, I slid my hip back into its socket, biting back a yelp of pain.
"Kuh... I'll never get used to that."
Physical Endurance Leveled Up! LVL47 >>> LVL48
"...Yes, Game, I know you have comedic timing. Shut up."
Shifting my weight a bit, I threw a Sunlight Spear at a nearby Ogre who got close enough to trigger.
"ID Escape," I said plainly, standing and massaging my hip.
With the sound of shattering glass, I was standing in my own yard again.
"...I'm almost ready."

Solo-Thread Gains (2239 Words)
Skill Gained - Magic Arrow (500 Words)
Skill Gained - Ki Restoration Meditation Technique (1000 Words)
Skill Gained - Soul Spear (2000 Words)
Skill Level Ups
Observe LVL14 >>> LVL19
Magic Arrow LVL1 >> LVL25 - LVLMAX
Ki Rest. Med. Tech. LVL1 >>> LVL46
Soul Spear LVL1 >>> LVL25 - LVLMAX
Physical Endurance LVL24 >>> LVL48
Soul Drain LVL23 >>> LVL25 - LVLMAX
Self-Reinforcement LVL19 >>> LVL25 - LVLMAX
Mana Breath LVL16 >>> LVL25 - LVLMAX
Prana Grinder LVL18 >>> LVL25 - LVLMAX
ID Create/Destroy LVL13 >>> LVL15
Basic Summoning LVL47 >>> LVL72
Slime Summoning LVL42 >>> LVL60
Undead Summoning LVL42 >>> LVL58
Status Increases/Gains
Fire 39 >>> 67
Water 0 >>> 63
Earth 0 >>> 63
Wind 0 >>> 65
Lightning 0 >>> 97
Undead 20 >>> 60
Slime 30 >>> 50
LVL Increase LVL48 >>> LVL50
Gained 10 Skill Points
+8 STR (weights increased to cumulative 125 kg)
+16 VIT (weights increased to cumulative 125 kg)
+10 AGI (practiced dodging Familiars w/ weights)
+5 INT (research, textbook memorization, studying spell theory)
+3 WIS (applied thinking)
+1 LUCK (reach LVL50)
Gained Titles
Apprentice Skeleton Slayer (Kill 50 Skeletons)
True Skeleton Slayer (Kill 500 Skeletons)
Apprentice Ogre Slayer (Kill 50 Ogres)
Demon Hunter (Kill A Stupid-Looking Demon)
Death-Killer (Kill the First of the Dead)
Death-Eater (Kill 10 First of the Dead)
Enemy Drops
Manly Ogre Tiger Panties x 27
Ogre's Magic Bat x 13
Ogre's Mallet x 36

BONUS: STR has exceeded 50!
Gained Skill - Strength of Battle (Passive)

BONUS: STR has exceeded 100!
Gained Skill - Mad Enhancement (Active)
Gained Skill - Eternal Arms Mastery (Passive)
Warning: If STR drops below 100, Active Skills are unavailable

BONUS: VIT has exceeded 50!
Gained Skill - Walking Bulwark (Passive)

BONUS: VIT has exceeded 100!
Gained Skill - Unbreakable (Passive)
Gained Skill - Unflinching (Passive)

BONUS: AGI has exceeded 50!
Gained Skill - Cross-Counter (Active)
Warning: If AGI drops below 50, Active Skills are unavailable

BONUS: AGI has exceeded 100!
Gained Skill - Flash Step (Active)
Gained Skill - Slippery Son of A- (Passive)
Warning: If AGI drops below 100, Active Skills are unavailable

BONUS: INT has exceeded 50!
Gained Skill - Mana Affinity (Passive)

BONUS: INT has exceeded 100!
Gained Skill - Psychokinesis (Active)
Gained Skill - Medium Mana Capacity (Passive)
Gained Skill - Mana Regneration (Passive)
Warning: If INT drops below 100, Active Skills are unavailable

BONUS: WIS has exceeded 50!
Gained Skill - Mana Battery (Passive)

BONUS: WIS has exceeded 100!
Gained Skill - Mana Generator (Passive)
Gained Skill - Greater Mana Core (Passive)


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