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[Solo-Thread] Conflict Resolved

Post by CorenKeitaro on Sat Mar 28, 2015 3:32 pm

"His entire arm is broken! What the Hell did you do to him!?"
My vision was swimming, black tinging the edges of my vision.
That voice was... The doctor?
"Nothing! He struck me; the attack would sheared through steel; how his arm is in one piece should be miracle enough!"
I tried to refocus my eyes, but something was wrong. My right arm was tingling; like when it loses feeling 'cause you were sitting funny and it's kinda numb for a while before it starts waking up and it's all pins and needles and it's really really really really uncomfortable and you're all like 'ow' and stuff and... stuff.
"I didn't touch him."
Wait... That voice is... The Head? Mr. Kensington?
"Yeah, but he touched you, Mr. Man of Steel. It took me four Soul Stones to fix your pulped ribs; his arm is in infinitely worse condition. I don't care if you didn't touch him; if you hadn't challenged him, he wouldn't be in CRITICAL CONDITION."
I forced my eyes to refocus the smallest bit and look at my HP.
By DnD standards... I'm a Hit Point away from death.
Oh, and I'm bleeding. I'll take another point of damage in fifteen seconds.
...So this is what being in shock is like.
"Shit, his heart-rate-"
"I can see that, Chris. Move."
My... Heart?
Oh... Yeah.
Breathe. Out the nose, then-
Wait... No, that's wrong.
It's... In through the...
"...What the...?"
"He's... Healing."
I glanced at my HP.
Healing 3% HP a minute; 1% every every 20 seconds. With only that, I'd die.
But even then, bleeding nullifies natural healing. I couldn't heal this by sleeping.
Breathing... Breathing... Thing. That one that helps heal. 10% every minute.
That's... 1% every 6 seconds. I regain HP before I lose it.
"...His condition is stabilizing. I don't know how; his arm is pulp, and yet it's sewing itself back together as we watch. It looks almost like-"
"He's awake."
"...Hm. I'll put him under."
"No. His healing only just started; I think he has to be awake to heal."
"Ah... Damnit. I need another Soul Stone."
Soul Stone...?
"In...Ven...Tory," I rasped out.
I looked over with my off-hand and pulled out the Stone from the Red Slime King's drops.
I felt it get taken a moment later, and my arm went limp.
Black seeped into the edges of my vision again.
Looking at my HP again, I read something.
"Final Breaths: Consciousness gained at brink of death, must heal or die."
I smiled slightly.
It looks like... I will survive...
And then everything was black.

The sound of footsteps; a rustling of cloth.
My eyes snapped open, looking right at the curtain separating me from the rest of the infirmary.
...Oh, it's the doctor.
Wait, infirmary?
I slowly sat up, taking a deep breath.
"Oh, good. You're awake."
"How long was I out? And how'd I get knocked out?"
"8 hours, and you turned your arm into a meaty jelly by striking at The Man of Steel with your bare fist and enough force to cut steel."
"...I punched out Superman?"
"If you weren't my patient, I would beat you. No, Chr- Mr. Kensington."
The doctor sighed.
"He's The Man of Steel because he has a special ability; he's a Natural Ability-User and has been using that Ability since childhood. The ability to make his skin stronger than any known metal. Of course, that strike still dealt some heavy internal injuries to him, seeing as it was blunt force."
"Huh..." I reached up to scratch the back of my head, only for my arm to be stopped by something. "...Huh?"
Looking down, I saw my right arm in a cast.
"...Meat jelly, huh?"
"I don't know how you got a Soul Stone that large, but it really did the trick. Getting ones like that are usually long, arduous affairs involving mass slaughter in Illusion Barriers full of restless souls, like Undead."
I blinked.
"Really? I guess that makes sense. I got that one off of a titanic Slime-beast; the thing had easily 150 other Slimes in it."
I looked at the doctor, who looked confused.
"I can't say I've ever heard of Slimes forming Soul Stones," he continued. "Soul Stones are the product of restless spirits being bound together and condensed so thickly that they become solid. That, and a Soul Stone that size should've taken hundreds of souls; a lot more than 150."
I shrugged. "I dunno what to say, man."
He sighed.
"Alright, I need to check your cast. Hold still."
I did so, looking away just in case I still looked fugly as Hell.
"That bad?"
I suddenly felt a sharp pain as my arm was tugged uncomfortably, pulling it out of the socket a small bit.
"...How did you heal that completely?"
"...I breathed?"
I looked over to my arm, only to see absolutely nothing wrong with it.
"Y'know what? I'm just starting not to care. You're insane. You like being in constant pain-" "Only a little pain, too much is bad." "-you tried to punch out the Head of a powerful Family after accepting a challenge from him where the penalty of loss is 'Death'-" "To be fair, I didn't plan on losing." "-and now, with 8 hours bed rest, you've somehow managed to undo every bit of damage that you took from throwing a punch that, according to by-standers, showed signs of nearly breaking the sound barrier."
"...I breathed very well."
The Doctor hissed out some gibberish before palming his face.
"I'm out. I'm just- I'm out."
And with that, he turned around and walked out of the room.
I moved to lean back into the bed, which smelled strongly of disinfectants, and-
Wait. Are those prompts?
Physical Endurance Mastery Leveled Up! LVL20 >>> LVL24
That was pretty simple.
But the next one was...
Hello. Due to a glitch in the system, two important Skills were left out of your repertoire. This glitch appears to have caused you several problems, including, but not limited to: Severe Panic (trypophobia), Incredible Pain (broken arm), and Improper Healing. This glitch has now been remedied, and you have gained the two starting Skills 'Gamer's Body' and 'Gamer's Mind'. Thank you for your patience and continued play despite the glitch.
Gamer's Mind: Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Immunity to psychological mass effect.
Gamer's Body: Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. Sleeping in a bed restores HP, MP and all mass effects.
I went to twist my back and...
No pain, no pop, no crackling sound that made a bowl of Rice Crispies seem silent in comparison.
"...Aw, SUNUVA- Ow!"
I stopped my shout when I accidentally bit the side of my tongue.
Sighing, I rested my head in my hand.
"...Well, ain't that great."
I shifted my weight, sliding off the bed smoothly as I looked around.
Given the uncomfortable feeling of bareness across my chest right now, I'm gonna assume I need a shirt.
I do still have my pants, though. I'm happy about that.
However, as my eyes drifted over the bin, I saw it.
Black cloth, with a blue decal.
At least, it used to be black; now it was a disgusting shade of brownish-red, and everything past the right shoulder was shredded beyond repair.
"...T-That was a gift..."
I looked down, suddenly feeling really, really bad over it.
"...Wait. 8 hours? Oh God, I'M LATE."
I looked around for a clock, only to spot it and see it read...
4 AM.
...I dropped down onto the ground.
"My mom is gonna be pissed..."
"Actually, we called her already. Leroy, the doctor, told us about Ehlers-Danlos, and we told her you had a really bad fainting spell."
I turned to the door, looking at Hillary.
And of course, right behind was Kyle.
"She wanted to come pick you up, but we told her to wait until morning," she continued, one hand on her hip. She was glaring. "Given the previous state of your arm, we weren't sure how we were going to explain everything... But now, that doesn't seem like a problem."
"Eh... Heh? Funny story 'bout that..."
I chuckled, embarrassed as I scratched the back of my head.
With that, Mr. Kensington stepped past his daughter and into the room.
"...What's your name?" he asked without preamble.
"Err... Brandon Loy, sir," I replied.
"You did good."
He offered his hand to help me up.
As I took it, he continued.
"You couldn't have won that fight," he explained, pulling me onto my feet. "You could never break my skin at your level. But you did do more damage to me than I've taken in two decades. You barely survived, but you did. As far as the Kensington Family is concerned, we're square; and feel free to keep training in town." He chuckled. "Hell, just ask and we've got training grounds. Better than risking a civilian getting caught in an Illusion Barrier."
I righted my footing as I stood.
"But do that again, and you'll die," he warned. "And I don't mean I'll kill you; I mean that my daughter will glare bullets through your chest, and you'll be too scared to heal in case she gets even more mad."
I couldn't help it.
Even as Hillary's face turned bright red, I started laughing hard.
Mr. Kensington started laughing as well, and all was good.
At least, for now.

It was now 6 AM. I'd gotten a change of clothes, as my pants had been blood-stained, as well as a hot shower. After that, I was driven home by Steven in the limo with Hillary, where I got the mother-of-all-chew-outs from my mother.
Of course, my step-father, after making sure I was okay, started making fun of me for coming back in a limousine with a girl like Hillary.
All-in-all, everything was exactly how I expected, save for one thing.
Just as Hillary was starting to leave, she handed me a pair of business cards.
Without a word, she entered the limo, and Steven gunned it.
I blinked, looking over the two of them.
"The Kensington Family Manor," said the first one. It had their address and number, and scribbled beneath was a second number in pen.
...Wait, what?
Sliding that one into my pocket before my step-dad made a comment about seducing another innocent girl, I looked at the other number.
"The Abyss Auction."
Other than the name and a website URL, the card was blank.
From the name, I'd guess that it's a site for the buying and selling of Abyss-related goods, like the Crowns and Rings I've been getting from the Kings.
Speaking of those, I need to move off the Slimes. The normal mobs drop nothing but vials, and I've got enough of those.
It's been an hour since she left, and five minutes after my chew-out, and now I was sitting at my computer.
I clicked the address bar in Chrome and got ready to type, but stopped.
...Just to be safe.
Running through the motions, I loaded up a VirtualBox of Linux and set up some of the better security measures.
I don't know if there're techno-mages or MagiTek, but if there is, I at least want to be able to purge the OS I'm running without messing with the system proper after browsing.
I wasn't gonna run TOR, though. Using relays or proxies could lead to the spread of information on the Abyss to some random schmuck attached to the network, even if he has no idea who I am. He'd have the site's URL, and that's too much.
Typing it quickly, I pulled up the Auction site, which was completely black save for the white text in the center, that read 'Abyss Auction'.
I moved my hand to ready the kill-switch at the back of my computer as I clicked it.
The page started to load, and when it did...
...It was surprisingly normal.
Actually, other than some of the options and items, it looked a lot like a game-item store or Amazon.
The options on the side were things like Magic Books, Weapons, Accessories, Slaves-
Wait, what?
...Oh, God damnit.
Out of morbid curiosity, I clicked the Slaves section, a cold pit already forming in my stomach.
"Showing results 1-50, page 1 of 198."
...Nearly 2000.
Arithmetic states that's how many results were posted in here.
I didn't bother to read through the listings, as I had no intentions whatsoever to buy any of them and I felt vaguely nauseous thinking about it, and clicked over to the Auction section.
The place listed a wide variety of items and options to sort them by, and even as I watched the prices were climbing as more and more people bid.
I was actually rather impressed by that. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to put things up for auction, or how to price them, so I had to move to a different section.
Magic Books.
Now that was something I could use.
Opening it, I looked at the price of one of the visible-
$200,000 for Explosion Magic?
I would have to grind for around 13 straight hours, no stopping, on the Blue Slime King to get that much, assuming half an hour per Slime King.
Sweet Sassy-Molassy, that's both ridiculous and exactly why I try to never buy things full price.
Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be an option. If I wait for some sale I don't know is going to happen instead of buying it now, that time waiting will be wasted, while I could be using it to earn more money with the Skills I could get from the books!
Dang logical reasoning. You always did burn holes in my wallet.
A few clicks had the results being sorted by lowest price first, and I started browsing.
Let's see; basic elemental magic, magical theory, low-grade summoning... The cheapest was $1k, so I could buy a pair of elemental magics and a theory book for study, or one of either one and a Summoning, which averages $1.5k.
"Ugh... I didn't come on here to do maths, damnit!"
I glared at the screen for a moment before sighing.
Taking on bosses alone is troublesome, especially since all the good loot is dropped by the ones that drop you in a hit. Therefore, I need to get a tank to agro the target so I can lay in on them.
Therefore, Summoning.
And... Let's take a theory book too. It probably won't give me a free Skill, but studying it could let me make my own Skills, which is better, 'cause then I can get the real thing later and build off them both to make something even better than that.
"...Okay, let's see... That's around $2600, leaving me with only $400-ish?"
I sighed, clicking the Check-Out button.
Express Delivery - $300
...Well, why not, right? I gain nearly double that per Slime King, and the sooner the better.
I checked the Express box and sighed, verifying and double verifying my purchase before nuking the Linux VirtualBox and scrubbing all data pertaining to it.
I'd just purged the registry of the pertinent data when I heard a tapping on the window.
"...I'm in the basement, how the...?"
I shook my head.
I walked over to one of the covered windows and moved things around.
Opening it, I saw a box being held by a...
...Really? A UFO?
"I'm not even surprised at this point," I muttered. "Heck, that's probably where the rumors started. Some guy forgot to cloak his item-delivery UFO, and hillbillies and rednecks started claiming stupid things."
For half a moment, I thought about how I was technically a redneck given certain genealogical facts, but I ignored that for the sake of sarcastic and snide remarks. Y'know, like everyone does.
"Are you the customer 'Coren Keitaro'."
And of course, I took care not to use my real name.
"Your delivery."
With that, the box was dropped in my hands as the courier quickly flew away and disappeared.
I sighed, closing the window, blocking it again so that the accursed sunlight didn't get in, wondered for a moment if I was the kind of shut-in people made fun of, decided that I definitely was, sat on my bed, and opened the box.
I pulled out a Summoning Book for Fire Elementals, given the fact that Fire-types tended to deal a lot of damage. They'll hold the agro well enough until I can get my hits off.
Would you like to learn the Basic Summoning Skill? Y/N
Tapping the Yes option, I felt a pulse of power for a moment.
Basic Summoning Skill - MP Cost: 50, Additional 50 every minute while Materialized
Summons the most basic elemental. Long ago, man realized nature's power and have not skimped out on trying to wield its powers. Eventually they were able to communicate with Elementals and could summon them at will. The elemental's attributes will change as the caster's INT, skill level and Elemental Affinity grows. It will also allow them to summon stronger Elementals. Can summon the Familiar in Spirit Form (follows direct orders) or in Material Form (acts independently).

New Status Gained: Fire Elemental Affinity - 10
I grimaced, looking at the MP cost. That would hit hard.
Sighing, I closed my eyes and thought on the Skill, and how it would work.
Feeling the information come to my mind, I slowly opened my eyes back up and got to work.

My knees ached a bit as I leaned back. I was standing in the garage with a paintbrush and some water-based paint, for ease of cleaning of course.
My hand had been surprisingly steady as I went through the motions. The Skill was probably the reason for that.
Sighing, I backed up and looked over the circle.
The paint was still wet, but it would still do. There was a designated portion to place my hand; it was the only spot empty of paint.
Kneeling before it, I placed my hand down and began the incantation.
"Magic: The power hidden within me."
My eyes closed, I visualized my body and the magical circle.
I could see the energy flow through me, into my hand and then into the circle as I poured it out.
"I, Brandon Loy, call upon the ancient contracts of ages past to summon you. Heed my call, and come now; come, Fire Elemental!"
Suddenly, I felt a massive pull on my MP as the circle took it in.
The paint began to glow before igniting in a smokeless flame, burning hot, yet not hurting as the lashes of fire licked at my skin.
The fire pulled from the circle's lines and gathered at the center, taking a vague form before solidifying completely.
A small pulse of sparks shot off of the body of the Elemental as it looked as it should.
A red dragonling, no larger than the palm of my hand was now in the center of the circle, staring at me.
"I am here." I could hear it hiss into my mind, its words slow but controlled. "Why?"
I took a deep breath.
"I have summoned you in accordance to the ancient rituals," I began. "My true name is Brandon Loy. Now, you have heard mine, so please tell me your own."
The dragon gave off a light puff of smoke, before a small flame shot from his mouth at me.
I did not turn away, even as it struck, and my eyesight failed as everything looked as though covered in smoke, before fading.
"I am Salamander," it- no, she hissed. "You, with bravery enough to stand with me; can you stand the pain?"
And for a moment, a moment that felt like an hour, I could feel it.
Fire. Like the very blood in my veins was as it, burning me from inside.
But pain was normal for me. I kept silent, even as it hurt.
And after the moment passed, everything was calm again.
"You, with strength enough to fight beside me... I accept your contract. From now on, we shall be as one, as the contract decrees."
"Our souls shall be as one," I said. "Until our soul shall meet its end,"
"Our soul shall be one forever more."
A brilliant vermilion light burst from the circle, lighting up the entire garage for a few seconds before it began to fade.
There, in the circle, was no longer a small, finger-sized dragonling, but one who even while laying down had her back up to my hip.
"Call me often, Contract-Bearer," she said, her voice clearer and mirthful. "I wish to see whether you will live up to my expectations."
And with that, Salamander faded into vermilion motes of light.
I grinned, even as my vision began to swim.
I dragged myself to my feet, catching myself on a wall as I stumbled.
"This is the start... Of a beautiful partnership..."

Solo-Thread Gains (3552 Words)
Gained Skill - Gamer's Body (500 Words)
Gained Skill - Gamer's Mind (1000 Words)
Gained Skill - Basic Summoning Skill (2000 Words)
Skill Level Ups
Physical Endurance LVL20 >>> LVL24
Gained Familiar - Salamander, Red Dragonling (Fire Element)
Gained Status - Fire Elemental Affinity - 10


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