General Rules

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General Rules

Post by CorenKeitaro on Sun Mar 22, 2015 4:44 pm

The Rules

  1. This is a Role-Playing site. When in an RP-section, please make sure to stay in-character. If you need to say something out of character, please show that you are doing so in some way, such as placing parentheses or an OOC just before the out-of-character dialogue.

  2. Please refrain from being rude to other members of the site; common courtesy is important to inter-personal communication, and nobody likes playing with a jerk as it takes the fun out of the game. Please be courteous to your fellow players.

  3. Do not kill characters belonging to other members unless you have their explicit permission. As a request, we would prefer it if you would screen-cap the permission being given, or have the other player state that you have permission in an OOC section of the post preceding the killing strike.

  4. You may not God-Mod or Power-Game unreasonably. As this is a site based off of The Gamer, Power-Gaming is not outright barred; however, keep in mind that Han Jee-Han didn’t just wave his hand and make everything easy through Power-Gaming; there are characters of his level and above it that could still beat him. If you are going to Power-Game, be reasonable about it and make sure that your way of doing so is admin or moderator-approved.

  5. Please avoid being overly vulgar on the forum. Occasional cussing is allowed, but if you have a mouth that would make a sailor blush, please limit yourself and avoid filling an entire post with vulgar and/or creative insults and swear-words.

  6. The above limit on vulgarity also applies to sexual content; you may imply certain things between characters, but if you start cybering in-forum, your posts will be deleted and you will be given a punishment fitting the number of transgressions. This is not a forum for ‘that’ kind of role-play, so please keep any content you post PG-13.

  7. No spamming or flooding the site. I have dealt with annoying bots flooding a previous site of mine with virus-laden .rars and vulgar content that would no doubt have had the forum shut down if I hadn’t deleted it myself. Spamming and flooding the site with downloads of a perverse or viral nature will not be tolerated.

  8. No hacking. You may not log into another person’s account without the explicit permission of that individual. It doesn’t matter if you did it because they were making you angry, or because they were taking the fun out of things, or just to show how weak their password was. Without their explicit permission, you do not get to log into other people’s accounts.

Violating these rules are grounds for punishment of varying scale as determined by severity of action and other variables.
However, the following guidelines should show well-enough the basic outline for punishments.

[1] Verbal Warning. Please Stop.
[2] Verbal Warning. You Need to Stop.
[3] 24-Hour Ban. You Were Told to Stop.
[4] Week-Long Ban. You Should have Stopped.
[5] Permanent Account Deletion. You Have Been Stopped.

Each time a rule is broken, it will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. As such, certain transgressions will be more easily forgiven and forgotten and will warrant lesser, or even no punishment.
On the other side of the coin, some actions that break the rules are not easily forgiven, and can be grounds for a week-long ban on the spot, or even account deletion in the most extreme cases.

Final Note: No account may be made for the sole purpose of advertising. If you wish to advertise something on this site, you must have permission from the administrator. No account with less than 15 In-Character posts may request to advertise. If any account posts an advertisement without permission, the advertisement may be deleted, and the account-holder who posted it will be treated as having broken one of the rules.
Any advertisement that breaks any of the above rules will be deleted at the earliest convenience of any individual who is capable of doing so and will escalate the severity of the punishment of the poster in question.
Thank you for reading the rules; the password is the last word of the fourth rule. Have fun role-playing.


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